Lithotron EL 27 Compact

EHL and EKL combined in one device Compatible with EHL probes type P and EKL handle KA 1000

EHL Features

  • Highest efficiency compared to other technologies, short operation times
  • Stones are normally disintegrated with only a few shock waves
  • Security: shock waves destroy hard objects and treat soft tissue with care
  • Highly localized energy transfer compared to laser and extracorporal shock waves
  • Economical: maintenance-free, EHL probes usable for 1-3 operations
  • Endoscope protection through rounded probe tips; no breaking problem compared to laser fibers
  • Easy to use
  • Controlled energy levels: 3 intensities (up to 950 mJ) adjusted to usage in gastroenterology and urology
  • Very fast pulses, sharply rising amplitudes for most effective stone fragmentation
  • Automatic pulse frequency (5-60 Hz)
  • Automatic probe type recognition
  • Automatic probe depletion recognition
  • Single and continuous pulses controlled by footswitch
  • Stable casing
  • Compact
  • Dimensions: 320 x 120 x 240 mm; 7,5 kg