Hands-On Walz EHL Lithotron

Professor Hagenmüller introduces the Walz Lithotron and EHL technology. He demonstrates its application in a live procedure with percutane cholangioscopy in the bile duct.

Peeling raw eggs to show sensitive stone fragmentation with Walz EHL devices

We can peel raw eggs without damaging the thin skin underneath the eggshell. Our EHL-devices fragment hard substances. They are ideal for fragmenting stones in gastroenterology and urology. Body tissue is treated with care. Also at higher power levels.

Fragmentation of a bilestone using direct peroral cholangioscopy with EHL-technology

Comminution of a large concrement in the biliary tract with a view impacts.

J.H. Moon, Soon Chung Hyang University School of Medicine, Bucheon/Seoul, Korea

Fragmenting a stone in a basket

In the laboratory a stone is caught in a basket. Our new 2,4F (0,031 inch) Walz-EHL probe is advanced through the guidewire-channel and the stone is fragmented.

Walz Lithotron EL 27 product presentation

Karl-Heinz Marx, sales manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland presents the Walz Lithotron EL 27 Compact.

Huge concrement in the duodenum

After 2 hours of unsuccessful trial with a stone laser the huge concrement is fragmented with Walz EHL in just 20 minutes.

Copyright: PD Dr. med. Brigitte Schumacher, Evangelisches Krankenhaus, Düsseldorf, Germany

Live-demonstration Prof. Hagenmüller, Endo Club Nord 2012

Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich Hagenmüller shows the safety of Walz EHL even for sensitive tissue in an experiment on himself.

Copyright: Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich Hagenmüller, Asklepios Klinik Altona, Hamburg, Germany