Walz Elektronik

Walz Elektronik is a German company that has been producing electronic devices for disintegrating and removing concrements (stones) in gastroenterology and urology for almost 50 years

Additionally, applications of shockwave technology in manufacturing industries are covered.

EHL in slow motion


Hands-on Walz EHL Lithotron

Peeling raw eggs to show sensitive stone fragmentation with Walz EHL devices


Bild Standort Echterdingen

Location Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Our sales, administration and part of the production departments are located here.

Location Rohdorf

Development, production and the workshop for our service are located at this location. 

Production in Germany



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Walz Elektronik GmbH is located in Echterdingen and Rohrdorf near Stuttgart (Germany). It develops, manufactures and maintains medical devices and accessories for the world market.

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Walz Industrial: application of shock waves in industrial manufacturing