Walz Elektronik GmbH is located in Rohrdorf near Stuttgart (Germany). It develops, manufactures and services medical devices and accessories for the world market.

During the last 40 years we have focused on electronic devices for disintegrating and removing concrements (stones) in gastroenterology and urology. Our niche is the disintegration of stones in difficult situations (big, fixed, hard stones and stones in difficult locations for example in the choledochus). In this niche we have reached a leading position in the world market.

We are pioneers in electrohydraulic lithotripsy (EHL) with 40 years of experience.

More than 20 property rights (patents) result from our German engineering capabilities.

Walz devices are used in clinics worldwide. Far more than 2000 devices sold shows our success!


Here at Walz Elektronik GmbH, we provide excellent chances for young scientists as well as for engineers with work experience. Graduates in the field of technical and natural science have the opportunity to work in our production or development division and thus having the opportunity to promote and research on a unique technology. This demanding task requires responsibility and professional competence.
We would appreciate to welcome you as a colleague.

Internships und papers

We are pleased to provide internships for trainees and students giving them the opportunity to see into the medical engineering industry. In the production and development division, natural scientific experience can be gained as well as economic skills in the sales and the marketing department. Furthermore there is the possibility to do student research projects at Walz Elektronik such as bachelor or master thesis.

Zumal bieten wir Ausbildungsplätze für Industriekaufleute an. Hier haben Auszubildende die Möglichkeit, das interessante Themengebiet der Gastroenterologie wie sonst nirgends kennenzulernen und zusätzlich stehen Sie im direkten Kontakt mit Kunden weltweit.

IHK-Ausbildungszertifikat Walz Elektronik

Current tenders


Diplom-Ingenieur Volker Walz develops the first EHL device (electrohydraulic lithotripsy) and related probes at the University of Stuttgart.

Walz sells the first commercial EHL device. First customer: a clinic in the US.

The first combined EHL/EKL (electrokinetic lithotripsy) device enters the market.

The first compact device is developped: EKL Compact.

The Lithotron EL 28-X1 is an EKL-only device with improved effectivity.

Induced kinetic lithotripsy (iKL) is developped.

Bernd Vollmer enters Walz Elektronik GmbH as successor of Volker Walz.

Processing and launch of new EHL probes for thin working channels.

Developement and market entry of a proximal stiffened EHL probe that enables easier insertion into the endoscope. 

Sales and Marketing office opened in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany 



EHL (Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy):

Quality and Certifications

Far more than 2000 devices have been sold woldwide in the last 40 years. They are mainly used in difficult situations where other technologies have limitations (for example ESWL, ultrasound, laser). This shows the quality of our development and manufacturing processes.